BHCA Yearbook

The BHCA Yearbook is the publication where activities in the show ring, in the field, in performance events and as therapy dogs are celebrated. Members also highlight a litter whelped during the year, and commemorate a beloved hound who passed away. And BHCA Junior Members publicize their achievements for free!

The Yearbook is an essential resource for those wishing to keep up on current activities in the breed, and collecting the Yearbooks each year provides a unique resource to the history of the breed.

The cost of the 2012 Yearbook is $25, with $7 shipping for copies not picked up at the 2013 Nationals in St. Louis.

Click here to download a PDF file containing more information on purchasing a copy or placing an advertisement in the 2012 Yearbook.

The deadline for 2012 Yearbook orders and ads and orders was August 1, 2013.


The Official Book of the Basset Hound

The Official Book of the Basset Hound

BHCA Members can order The Official Book of the Basset Hound by Robert E. Booth directly from the author for $59.95 including shipping.

**All proceeds are donated to the Basset Hound Club of America**

Please fill out the The Official Book of the Basset Hound Order Formand mail it along with your check made out to the BHCA to:

Robert E. Booth
1780 Oak Forest Drive
New Braunfels, TX 78132


Illustrated Standard

The Basset Hound Illustrated Standard is one of the finest works published about the Basset Hound and is a MUST HAVE for serious breeders and exhibitors as well as being an important educational tool for new Basset Owners


BHCA Members: $6.00
Non-BHCA Members: $7.50


U.S. & Canada $2.00
Mexico: $3.00
Elsewhere: $6.00

To order The Basset Hound Illustrated Standard
Make check payable to BHCA and mail it along with your payment to:

Claudia Orlandi

P. O. Box 169

Essex Junction, VT 05453-0169

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Useful Books and Resources

Books About the Basset Hound

Booth, Robert E. 1999. The Official Book of the Basset Hound T.F. H. Publications, Neptune City, New Jersey.
Braun, M. 1979. The New Complete Basset Hound. Howell, New York.Foy, M. & Nicholas, A.K. 1985. The Basset Hound. T.F.H. Publications Neptune City, New Jersey.
McCarty, D. 1990. Basset Hounds. T. F. H. Publications, Neptune City, New Jersey.
Morgan, D. 1998. The Basset Hound: Owner’s Survival Guide T.F. H. Publications, Neptune City, New Jersey.
Strahlkuppe, J. 1997. Basset Hounds: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual. Barrons, Hauppauge, New York.
Walton, M. 1993. The New Basset Hound. Howell, New Yor
Wicklund, B. 1996. The Basset Hound: An Owner’s Guide To AHappy, Healthy Pet. Howell, New York.

Books About Health Care

Carlson, D.G. & Giffin, J.M. 1992. Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook. Howell, New York.

Discover The Basset Hound! is published by the BHCA Public Education Committee

Chardell K. Patrick, Chairman*

Third printing July 2002
Copyright 1998 Claudia Orlandi, Ph.D

*This version has been edited for the BHCA Website

"Discover the Basset Hound!" - Table of Contents


More Books

Check your public library, bookstore, on-line bookstore, or dog show vendor for the following:

Basset Hound books:

Currently in print:

  • The Official Book of the Basset Hound by Robert E. Booth**, TFH, 1998
  • A New Owner's Guide to Basset Hounds by Joan Urban**, TFH 1997
  • An Owner’s Guide to the Pet Basset Hound by Barbara Wicklund**, HOW, 1996
  • The New Basset Hound by Margaret S. Walton, HOW, 1993
  • Basset Hound by Foy & Nicholas, TFH, 1985
  • Basset Hounds : Complete Pet Owner's Manuals, Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding Behavior, and Training by Joe Stahlkuppe

Out of print:

  • The New Complete Basset Hound by Mercedes D. Braun**
  • The Basset Hound by George Johnston
  • The Basset Hound - A World History by R.W. Frederiksen*

Books of general interest:

  • The New Dog Steps - Illustrated Gait at a Glance by Rachel Page Elliott, HOW, 1988
  • K-9 Structure & Terminology by Gilbert & Brown, HOW, 1995
  • Canine Reproduction (A Breeders Guide) by Phyllis Holst, Ms,DVM, 1985
  • Breeding Better Dogs, Battaglia, 1986
  • Beginning Conformation Training, Kennelwood, 1989
  • Show Me - A Dog Show Primer, Coile, 1997
  • Agility Training by Jane Simmons Mooker, HOW 1991
  • Enjoying Dog Agility, Daniels, 1991
  • Tracking From the Ground Up by Ganz & Boyd*, 1992
  • Mother Knows Best - Training Your Dog The Natural Way by Carol Lea Benjamin
  • Dog Problems, Benjamin, HOW 1989
  • Chosen Puppy, Benjamin, HOW 1990
  • Dog Training in 10 minutes, Benjamin, HOW 1996
  • Positively Obedient, Handler, 1987

** - author BHCA Life member
* - author BHCA member