Gastric Dilation-Volvulus (Bloat)

2015 BHCA Nationals - Sacramento

Dr. Guillaume L. Hoareau of the University of California, Davis, gave a presentation on the medical condition Gastric Dilation-Volvulus, commonly known as Bloat, during the 2015 BHCA Nationals in Sacramento.

Dr. Hoareau has kindly provided BHCA with a PDF containing the images in his PowerPoint presentation.

Bloat — a devastating twisting of the stomach that can quickly lead to hypovolemic shock and death — is a potential danger to Basset Hounds, and owners should be able to recognize its symptoms and diminish potential predisposing factors.

Dr. Hoareau's presentation can help us protect and save our beloved hounds. Click here to view the PDF of the slides from his presentation.