President's Letter - November 2012

from Norman Wiginton, BHCA President, as published in this month's TALLY-HO magazine:

In my first President’s letter I want to thank the off-going leadership on behalf of the newly elected and appointed Officers, Directors, and Committee members. It’s a privilege and a responsibility for each of us to have the opportunity to serve the Basset Hound Club of America, its membership and our breed.

In this issue you will meet your new BHCA Board members.  There have also been several new Committee Chairs appointed. They are listed in the Minutes section of this issue.  I hope you will share with me in thanking them for their service to the club.

The Nationals competitions are over and it was an exciting event for all that attended. Congratulations to all the winners, the Nationals Committee members and the participants in all venues.

I’d like to thank the entire 2012 Nationals Committee on a job well done including Ellen Bach, Mike Giusti, Brian Visokay, Bobbi Brandt, Ed Smizer, Peter Bach, Mary Smizer, Norine Noonan, Dave Crawford, Carol Makowski, Mike Arruda, Linda Fowler, Claudia Orlandi, Barbara Cromley, Alice Vickery, Sue Frischmann, Roger Wright, Sukey Shor, Max Harder, Pat Harder, Barbara Mercer, Debra Hull, Anthony Martin, Brenda Willis, Phil Spillane, and Sue Forrest.

We enjoyed a very memorable banquet presentation. We were reminded of people and times gone by, while some of the stars of the past and the future were highlighted. The awards are always a meaningful and heartfelt occasion for those recognized for their achievements across the membership. Congratulations to all.

The live and silent auctions were lots of fun and helped the club raise money. Auctioneer Max Harder and the auction team did a great job. As always fun with many thanks to the members who made it a success. Additional thanks to those who helped with the ticket sales in the fundraisers for the club.

The Open Board Meeting held at the National Specialty highlighted the importance of membership input into the workings of the club. There were important and respectful discussions on real concerns that were welcomed by the Board. There will be a survey in the near future that will be circulated through the TALLY-HO. Please take the opportunity to complete the survey form and comment section so the Board will be made aware of your opinions.  The Board welcomes your concerns as well as positive comments.

A common theme the past many years is reminding all our members to renew their memberships. What can be done to encourage new members?  We are all open to ideas!  Encourage everyone you know to renew and invite new “Basset lovers” into the fold.

It’s exciting to be a BHCA member; time with the dogs you bring to compete, fun time opportunities, time with good friends, time to make new friends – all combined with a common love for the Basset Hound.

The holiday season will be with us soon.  Remember the reason for the season. Enjoy the things you love, life is short.  Eat, drink and be merry.  Have a joyous Christmas. Hug your family, friends, and dogs.  Make the occasion special.

God bless you and yours.

Hope to see you soon.

Norman Wiginton
BHCA President
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