Tally-Ho Advertising

TALLY-HO Advertising

Advertising in the TALLY-HO is limited to BHCA Members Only

Please view the following advertising options. All rates are for color advertising.

Special Issue rates: Five issues a year have discounted rates on ads that fall under specific categories. The categories and deadlines are as follows:

Jan/Feb issue • Deadline: Dec. 1 • Brood Bitch Issue
Mar/Apr issue • Deadline: Feb. 1 • Performance (Field Trial/Hunt Test) Issue
May/Jun issue • Deadline: Apr. 1 • Stud Dog Issue
Jul/Aug issue • Deadline: Jun. 1 • Companion Events (Tracking, Rally, Obedience, Agility) Issue
Sep/Oct issue • Deadline: Aug. 1 • Performance (Field Trial/Hunt Test) Issue

You can pay for your Tally-Ho advertising online with a credit card. Please note that a credit-card processing fee of $3 per ad valued up to $100, and multiples of $3 per ad valued over $100 will be added to the total.

  Full Page $150  
  Centerfold $300  
  Covers $300  
  Half Page $90  
  Quarter Page $55  
  New Title Gallery Ad $25  
  1.5" Business Card Format, Black & White $20 or $100/year  
  Special Issue Full Page $100  
  Special Issue Half Page $50  
  Special Issue Quarter Page $25  


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