The awards chairperson keeps track of all basset hounds completing the requirements for AKC titles (as reported in the AKC Gazette). Awards are sent to BHCA members who own these hounds. Member hounds finishing titles are also published in Tally-Ho.

Top Producer

The awards chairperson also keeps track of all sires and dams who have offspring finishing AKC championships (conformation and field) during the year. The BHCA member owning the sire or dam producing the greatest number of offspring finishing AKC titles (conformation, obedience, and field) for the previous year is presented an award at the annual dinner in October.

Register of Merit

The Register of Merit chairperson keeps track of all sires and dams who have offspring finishing AKC titles in conformation, obedience, field trials, tracking, or agility. The title "ROM" following a basset's registered name designates a sire that has had seven get finish AKC titles or a dam who has had five produce finish AKC titles. BHCA members who own these hounds are given an award at the annual meeting in October.


BHCA members who have hounds competing in multiple AKC and BHCA endeavors may become eligible for this award and may use the title "VC" after the hound’s registered name in advertising and in publications. A hound must accumulate a minimum of eleven (11) VC points per the schedule of points. These points must have been derived from at least three of the following five specified disciplines: (1) conformation, (2) field trialing/hunting, (3) tracking, (4) agility, (5) obedience/rally. In the five disciplines, a hound can earn one to eight VC points, depending on the level of achievement. Only the highest ranking title received in a discipline is counted. More information about the versatility program is available.

Grand Field Champion

This award is earned by BHCA member hounds who compete in the champion class at field trials. To earn this BHCA title, a hound must accumulate 20 points from the champion class per the set schedule of points based on entry. A title certificate is presented to the BHCA members whose hounds have qualified the previous year at the Spring Eastern Regional Field Trial held on Memorial Day weekend each year.

Award of Merit

At our national specialty show each October, the judge of the Intersex competition may give Award of Merit recognition to those dogs--other than the dogs awarded Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, and Best of Winners--that he/she feels are deserving of extra regard.

25 Year Pins

25 year pins are given to BHCA members who have 25 cumulative years of membership with the club.

Life Membership

Life membership is awarded to those BHCA members who have been voting members for at least 25 cumulative years, are voting members at the time of nomination, are at least 55 years of age, have made an outstanding contribution of service to BHCA as an officer, board member, and/or committee person, and who through participation in a variety of activities have made a significant, positive contribution toward promoting the perfection of the natural qualities of the purebred basset hound. The Life Membership committee selects the nominees and the Board then makes the final selection each year.